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Schooltool will be in Ubuntu Archives for 11.04

What is Schooltool?

From the SchoolTool website:

SchoolTool is a suite of free administrative software for schools. Since it can be installed easily and used with no licensing fees, SchoolTool can be used by schools for a single purpose, by individual teachers or small teams within schools, or as a whole-school comprehensive student information system, encompassing demographics, gradebooks, attendance, calendars and reporting.

Schooltool and Edubuntu

In 2005 when Edubuntu was first released, it shipped with Schooltool installed by default. For a few releases, Schooltool wasn't available in the Ubuntu archives due to many of its dependencies being unavailable.

A collaborative effort that spans the SchoolTool itself, Zope maintainers, Ubuntu MOTU, Edubuntu and Ubuntu-NGO over the last 2 releases paid off and now Schooltool is back in the Ubuntu archives. Users who are testing the upcoming 11.04 release will already be able to install it.

SchoolTool won't be installed in Edubuntu by default, but it will be just a few clicks away via the Ubuntu Software Center.

For more information about SchoolTool, please refer to the SchoolTool website:

Edubuntu WebLive Hits 15 000 Sessions

WebLive Progress

In October 2010 we launched a new Edubuntu service called WebLive. This allowed users to connect to an Edubuntu session with nothing more than a java-enabled web browser for up to 2 hours. Users are allowed to renew their session and get another 2 hours if they would like to try it out further.

Since then, it's been extended to not only support the current Edubuntu stable release, but also the development version of Edubuntu and Ubuntu with the top rated applications from the Ubuntu Software Center pre-installed.

This provides potential users a great opportunity to try out Edubuntu and see what great software is available in Ubuntu- before they even download it.

Last week Stéphane announced a public API for WebLive that will result in some other nice things. In particular, we'll be working on some Chromium/Firefox plugins for the service.

Service Usage

Today, we hit 15 000 sessions since we started logging the amount of sessions in November. We've had great feedback so far and would appreciate some more.

We also had one user who has been logging into the WebLive service almost every day since we've made it available! We don't collect e-mail addresses and don't log anything else than username and when the person has logged on, so if that person would like to give us some feedback we'd love to talk to you!

Give it a Try!

For performance reasons, and because of limited server availability, we only allow 10 simultaneous connections. If the server is currently full, then please try again later.

Try Now!

Edubuntu 11.04 Alpha 3 Released

New Development Release

Edubuntu 11.04 (codenamed: Natty Narwhal) is the next version of Edubuntu due for release in April 2011. Development on the system is in full swing and today marks the third tested installable development version. It is still in an early state and has known problems, it is not recommended for anything else than testing and experimental purposes for people who are interested in Edubuntu development.


The DVD ISO image is available for download from:

Release Notes

What's New in this Alpha?

  • The Edubuntu installer now has an additional installation step that allows users much better control over which packages are installed on the final system.
  • QCad is now replaced by LibreCAD.
  • Too many bug fixes too mention.

Known Issues:

  • When installing LTSP, you have to link the old CDROM path to the new one before commencing installation. You can do this by typing "sudo ln -s /cdrom /media/cdrom" from the command line. (LP: #727783)
  • On 64bit systems, you may have two of the same icons in the system notification area. (LP: 727811)
  • Notifications that a software volume has been detected will often pop up. It's safe to just close these notifications when they do. (LP: 727817)
  • The trash applet will sometimes crash on login. (LP: 727844)

For more information on this Alpha release, including non-Edubuntu specific bugs and features, please refer to the Natty Narwhal Technical Overview wiki page. We strongly recommend reading this, since there are may be bugs that may result in data loss under certain circumstances.

Edubuntu follows the Ubuntu release schedule, for more information on the roadmap to release, please refer to the Release Schedule.

Bug Day

Interested in getting involved with Edubuntu? We're having a bug day on 10 March to iron out some problems in Natty before the final freezes are in effect. More details here:


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