Getting in touch

We're spread all over the world, and rely on electronic communication to stay in touch.

If you have an Edubuntu story, we'd like to hear about it (and with your permission, even feature it!). Please e-mail us with any Edubuntu or Ubuntu Education stories you'd like to share!

IRC Communication

General Communication

We have an IRC channel on, called #edubuntu. This is our main channel where day to day conversations and support relating to Edubuntu take place.

Weekly Team Meetings

We meet regularly at #ubuntu-meeting, and you can find a schedule of upcoming meetings here:

Other useful channels

  • #ubuntu can be used for support queries that are more generic and not too Edubuntu specific
  • #ltsp is a great place to find help for LTSP specific issues or queries

How to connect

Help on connecting to IRC is available on the following link:

If you don't have an IRC client installed, you can also use the Freenode web-based client.

Mailing Lists

The Edubuntu mailing lists serves as the official communication forum for developers and users. The list server can be found at

Available lists:

  • edubuntu-devel: List for all Edubuntu contributors (system developers, testers, artwork team, website team, feedback, etc). This is our main mailing list.
  • edubuntu-users: Support channel for all users.
  • ubuntu-education:
    A list for educators, learners and any other steak holders who use Ubuntu in Education.

Ubuntu Wiki

Our work is co-ordinated on the Ubuntu wiki. You can find information about current Edubuntu development under the Edubuntu namespace.

Ubuntu Loco Teams

Get involved in your local Ubuntu community! Visit the Loco Team Directory to find out about a community near you!