The Meerkats are Coming!

What is this?

Edubuntu 10.10, codenamed the Maverick Meerkat, is getting ever closer to being released. The Beta version is already available for download, with the final release planned for 10 October 2010. The release date was chosen since 10 October 2010 is 10/10/10, and 101010 is binary for 42, the answer to the Life, the Universe and Everything in the book The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy, which happens to be quite popular amongst Ubuntu people!

This badge counts down the days to the Edubuntu 10.10 release. If you're very attentive, you might also have noticed the background colour for the badge in html notation is #424242 ;)

How do I get it?

Getting a countdown badge on your blog or website is easy. Simply copy and paste the code below into your code or into a block in your content management system:

<iframe src="" frameborder="0" height="155px" ></iframe>

It will display the following block on your page:

I can do better!

We'd like to see your countdown banner designs! See the Ubuntu countdown banner page on the Ubuntu wiki for more information on what's required. Then get in touch with us and provide a link to your work. We'll gladly include it on this page.