Edubuntu 12.04 LTS Release Announcement

Welcome to Edubuntu 12.04 LTS!

After 6 months of preparation, it's with great pride that the Edubuntu development team announces today the release of Edubuntu 12.04 LTS.

As the first Long Term Support release of the Edubuntu project, this version will be supported for 5 years (April 2017). The Edubuntu development team will also provide "point releases" in sync with Ubuntu's to offer you new installation medias containing all the latest bugfixes.

You may now try it online or download it.

For this release, we focused on stability and bug fixes to deliver the most stable and best translated Edubuntu release ever.

What's new ?

As usual, Edubuntu inherits most of the changes that occur in Ubuntu.
Additionally, this release brings you:

  • iTalc was replaced by Epoptes, a new classroom management software, fixing most stability and usability issues we had with iTalc in the past.
  • New major version of LTSP (5.3.x) including numerous bugfixes, speed improvement, lowering bandwidth requirements and improving fat client support.
  • Fully translatable installation and post-installation environment.
  • Support for Wubi, letting you install Edubuntu from Windows.
  • By popular request and for the convenience of administrators, the full vim, as well as pastebinit are now installed by default.

To learn more about what's new Ubuntu 12.04, you can read the full release notes.

How do I get it ?

The DVD image (also usable as a USB image) is downloadable from our download page.

Installation instructions are available here.

And if you just want to see what it looks like, we have screenshots available.

As usual, if you want to try it out, but can't wait for your download to finish, try it out online on Edubuntu WebLive!

If you already have an Ubuntu or Ubuntu based system installed, you can simply install any additional Edubuntu packages that you would like to use from the Software Center.

Users of Edubuntu 11.10 can also upgrade directly to 12.04.

Known issues

  • On some systems, starting an LTSP session will give you an empty screen showing only the wallpaper. In such case, reboot your thin client and select the "Ubuntu 2D" session.
  • On 64bit Apple systems, the 32bit edition is recommended. The 64bit version won't boot on these systems due to incompatibilities with Apple firmware.
  • Issues that affect Ubuntu affect Edubuntu as well, read the full release notes for more information.

Further Information

Community support is available via IRC, Forums and Mailing lists.
Please refer to for more information.

About Edubuntu

The Edubuntu project aims to maintain high quality educational and related packages in Ubuntu. Additionally, we also produce the Edubuntu DVD, which aims to be an easy to use Ubuntu system designed for home and classroom use.

For more information, see: About Edubuntu