Edubuntu 12.10 Release Announcement

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Welcome to Edubuntu 12.10!

The Edubuntu development team is proud to announce the release of Edubuntu 12.10.
This release will be supported for 18 months (until April 2014).

Edubuntu 12.10 is a regular release bringing updated software and a few improvements.
For larger deployments and environments where a stable, well tested system is preferred, the Edubuntu development team strongly recommends staying on the Long Term Support releases (current release is 12.04.1).
LTSP users should also remain on Edubuntu 12.04 LTS as 12.10 is lacking Unity support for LTSP and has been reported to be much slower than 12.04.

This new release is well suited for home users and users who wish to use the latest versions of the available software. Important components (like drivers) are being backported to the 12.04 LTS release, so there is no need to upgrade for newer hardware support.

Edubuntu 12.10 is available right now to try online or download.

For information on what's new in Edubuntu 12.10, you can read the full release notes.

How to get it ?

The DVD image (also usable as a USB image) is downloadable from two locations:

Installation documentation and additional documentation can be found here.

Users of Edubuntu 12.04 can also upgrade directly to 12.10 from the update manager. As Edubuntu 12.04 was a Long Term Support release, users will need to go in the update manager settings and change the notification option from "For long-term support versions" to "For any new version", the upgrade should then show up in the interface.

There are some screenshots available on the Edubuntu website screenshots page.

As usual, if you want to try it out, but can't wait for your download to finish, try it out online on Edubuntu WebLive!

If you already have Ubuntu 12.10 or an Ubuntu based system installed, you can simply install any additional Edubuntu packages that you would like to use from the Software Center.

Known issues

  • Unity 2D is no longer available in 12.10. As a result, the Gnome Fallback session (also known as the "Ubuntu Classic") will now be made default when LTSP is selected. LTSP users who wish to continue using Unity-2D should remain on Edubuntu 12.04 LTS.
  • In some cases, the session indicator shows up empty on LTSP. This appears to be related to the video card of the thin client. The only known workaround at this stage is to call "gnome-session-quit" manually. (1028972)

Edubuntu is based on Ubuntu so most known issues from Ubuntu also affect Edubuntu, a full list of known issues can be found here.

Let us know how you're using Edubuntu

The Edubuntu website was recently redesigned and now includes a page allowing users to post their Edubuntu deployments and get information on existing deployments.
We always love to hear about how people are using Edubuntu, so once you have it installed, please let us know on the deployments page.

Further Information

Community support is available via IRC, Forums and Mailing lists.
Please refer to for more information.

About Edubuntu

The Edubuntu project aims to maintain high quality educational and related packages in Ubuntu.
Additionally, we also produce the Edubuntu DVD, which aims to be an easy to use Ubuntu system designed for home and classroom use.

For more information, see: About Edubuntu