Edubuntu 13.10 Beta 2

Edubuntu 13.10, Codename: Saucy Salamander, Beta 2 Now Available

This build allows developers and users to evaluate early changes in this release and no details are finalised yet. Features that were partially implemented in Beta 1 and not completed have been removed in this Beta build and will be re-integrated after the release.

While testing this build, please keep in mind that this is a release preview which doesn't have complete testing coverage. Practice caution and make backups if necessary.

Known Issues

Please refer to the full Ubuntu 13.10 Beta 2 announcement for most known issues.

Additionally, the following are known broken in Edubuntu 13.10 Beta 2:

  • Using LTSP-Live from the Beta 2 media
  • The Unity Dash shows remote results (usually disabled in Edubuntu)
  • LTSP doesn't work post-installation
  • The live environment doesn't get properly translated when choosing to install the extra language packs

All of the above Edubuntu-specific issues have already been corrected and should be fixed starting with tomorrow's daily build.


This pre-release can be downloaded from: the Ubuntu CD image site.

For the stable release, please refer to the Downloads page


  • File bugs using the usual Ubuntu bug filing procedures.
  • Post feedback to the edubuntu-devel mailing list, details on our community page.
  • Important: Before filing bugs, please verify that the bug is still present after all updates are applied or whether it's still present in the latest daily build.

Happy testing!