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One of the things we'd like to do in Edubuntu in 2012 is showcase more of the software that we ship and tell stories of people who use it.

We stumbled upon a great write-up of Anki, a flashcard reader program installed in Edubuntu and otherwise available via Ubuntu Software Center.

Here's a snippet:

"Prepping for a Linux certification exam? Helping the kids with schoolwork? No matter what the subject is, Anki can help you commit it to memory. The flexible open source study system is based around the flashcard concept, but with support for audio, video, and more, and the program can adapt to your learning style."

Read the full story by Nathan Willis on

Edubuntu 12.04 will be a Long-Term Support Release

New developments in LTS

Historically, Edubuntu releases weren't released as long-term support releases with their Ubuntu LTS counterparts. While the Ubuntu LTS release was supported for 3 years on the desktop and 5 years on the server, the Edubuntu release was supported for the standard 18 months.

Ubuntu 12.04 takes a huge leap forward by not only supporting the server for 5 years, but also the desktop install. Derivatives can also separately apply for LTS status.

Some necessary changes

The Edubuntu team decided to apply for LTS status for 12.04, and had to made some changes in order to support Edubuntu 12.04 for such a period. The most notable changes is dropping the Java runtime files from the default installation, since we don't have the capacity to maintain security updates for it for 5 years. This leads to the removal of Freemind, a great mind mapping tool, as well as Geogebra, an algebra tool. The good news is that both packages will still be available a few clicks away in the Ubuntu Software Center.

iTalc is being removed and is replaced with Epoptes, which is actively developed and integrated in Edubuntu.

Better planning and support

Having long-term Edubuntu releases will allow administrators to better plan and co-ordinate software deployments and upgrade. It also allows contributors to better focus backports of packages and encourages developers to focus on the supportability of the product.

Edubuntu will also have point releases for the 12.04 (Precise Pangolin) release. This means that updated installation media will be made available that will include up to date packages for all software shipped. Point releases will be made along with the Ubuntu release schedule.

The Edubuntu 12.04 LTS proposal can be found on the Ubuntu wiki.

Edubuntu WebLive surpasses 100 000 sessions

WebLive Milestone

Yesterday, the Edubuntu WebLive service surpassed it's one hundred thousandth session. We're thrilled that so many people have taken the time to look at Edubuntu and find out just how easy open source software is and that it can be really valuable in an educational setting.

Try it out!

Haven't tried out WebLive yet? Give it a go! WebLive itself is also open source, if you'd like to deploy your own instance, you can find it hosted on

Edubuntu 11.10 Release Announcement

Welcome to Edubuntu 11.10

The Edubuntu development team is really proud and happy to announce that Edubuntu 11.10 has now been released.

You may now try it online or download it.

This release brings a refreshed desktop environment based on Ubuntu's Unity while still offering you easy access to the familiar classic Gnome environment (through the Gnome fallback mode).

What's new ?

As usual, Edubuntu inherits most of the changes that occur in Ubuntu.
Additionally, this release brings you:

  • New updated version of LTSP Live, translated in multiple languages
  • Updated installer featuring translations in over 25 languages
  • A new version of Gobby, the collaborative text editor, now at version 0.5
  • The latest and greatest version 2 of Gbrainy.
  • A refreshed user interface, now based on Unity by default and featuring a different icon theme and wallpaper.
  • Support for OEM installations of Edubuntu

This release will be supported for 18 months.

To learn more about what's new Ubuntu 11.10, you can read the official release notes.

How do I get it ?

The DVD image (also usable as a USB image) is downloadable from our download page.

Installation instructions are available here.

And if you just want to see what it looks like, we have screenshots available.

As usual, if you want to try it out, but can't wait for your download to finish, try it out online on Edubuntu WebLive!

If you already have an Ubuntu or derivative system installed, you can simply install any additional Edubuntu packages that you would like to use.

Users of Edubuntu 11.04 can also upgrade directly to 11.10, please note that in all cases you'll get Unity as your new interface, you'll need to select Gnome fallback from the login screen after reboot if you want a classic Gnome interface.

Known issues

  • Unfortunately, due to Gnome upstream transitioning to gsettings and gtk3, we weren't able to include Gnome Nanny, Sabayon and Pessulus in this release.
  • Our advanced package selection tool may not appear for users installing in some languages, in such case, all the Edubuntu packages will get installed and you'll then need to remove these you don't want after rebooting to your installed system.
  • When using the Gnome fallback mode, removing a panel will result in a crash message on the first attempt. After that it works fine.

Further Information

Community support is available via IRC, Forums and Mailing lists.
Please refer to for more information.


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