Edubuntu 11.04 Wallpaper Submissions

Wallpaper Required for Edubuntu 11.04

The Ubuntu Artwork team has been going through a revival over the last few months, which is great, they now offer services to other Ubuntu teams in a structured way.

We took them up on their offer and requested a wallpaper for the next release that we can also use to base the rest of the artwork on.

Current Submissions

Some people have already put in a lot of work in to their submissions, but we'd like to see more ideas.

In particular, we'd like to avoid having the Edubuntu logo on the wallpaper, we have enough Edubuntu logos scattered around already. We'd also like to avoid text. It's hard to scale properly across different screen sizes and wallpapers aren't very easy to translate. If you've been involved with education for a while, you'll also be sick of clichés like apples on text books, chalkboards and world maps. Having said that, many brilliant people have managed to take an old idea and turn it into something brilliant, so it's certainly not a hard restriction, but original ideas certainly get preference!

Do you have what it takes to create a great default wallpaper? Then join the artwork team and show the world what you're made of!

Edubuntu 11.04 Alpha 1 Released

New Development Release

Edubuntu 11.04 (codenamed: Natty Narwhal) is the next version of Edubuntu due for release in April 2011. Development on the system is already in full swing and today marks the first tested installable development version. It's in a very early state and has some serious known problems, so it is not recommended for anything else than testing purposes.


The DVD ISO image is available for download from:

Release Notes

  • Edubuntu is currently reviewing package selections, some packages installed in this release will not be in the final release.
  • The installer slideshow isn't available in this alpha, but will be available in daily builds again soon. The installer works despite looking quite dull, you won't get a progress bar either.
  • In some cases, the installer icon won't display on the live session desktop. To install click on System -> Administration -> Install Edubuntu 11.04
  • The Unity session in Edubuntu is still work in progress, it's recommended to test using the Ubuntu Classic Desktop from the login screen instead.

For more information on this Alpha release, please refer to the Natty Narwhal Technical Overview wiki page.

Edubuntu follows the Ubuntu release schedule, for more information on the roadmap to release, please refer to the Release Schedule.

Edubuntu WebLive

Since the Edubuntu 9.10 release, Edubuntu has been available on a DVD that also features a complete Live environment. This allows users to start up an Edubuntu session and try out some of its features before installing.

We now have a new way for users to try out Edubuntu, straight from the Internet and it's called Edubuntu WebLive.

Yesterday, Stéphane announced it on his blog and we already had over 200 users signing up and trying it out already.

It doesn't provide all the features that a Live disc does. For example, you don't have administrator access so you won't be able to use tools that are at the heart of Edubuntu's feature list such as Gnome Nanny or Pessulus.

One of the planned features is to have development daily builds on the application server where it is currently hosted. This will allow users to try out and do some testing on the development version of Edubuntu 11.04 (Natty Narwhal) without even having to download it. While it won't be a complete substitute for our usual testing, it would certainly be useful for people working on documentation or testing whether application bugs are present.

An Edubuntu WebLive session may exist for up to 2 hours, after then it will be destroyed. You're welcome to sign up again after that if you'd like to use it again though! We also currently limit it to 10 users at a time, but if the server is busy, please try again a few minutes later.

Edubuntu 10.10 Release Announcement

Welcome to Edubuntu 10.10

The Edubuntu team is proud to announce the release of the latest version, Edubuntu 10.10, codenamed "Maverick Meerkat" which is now available for download.

The Edubuntu project is a group of people that aims to deliver the best of educational free software in an easily installable medium. We are part of the larger Ubuntu community and our main body of work is the Edubuntu installation disc, which installs Ubuntu along with educational tools and packages available in the Ubuntu software archives. We aim to make Ubuntu, the popular Linux-based operating system, a great choice for the computing needs of children, students, parents, teachers and schools, bringing many of the best educational open-source applications and tools to the Ubuntu operating system.

What's new?

  • With version 10.10, Edubuntu builds on the work done in the previous version. Changes that occurred in Ubuntu 10.10 are also reflected in Edubuntu.
  • LTSP installation as well as the Netbook interface are now installable directly from the installer, allowing a much more intuitive installation process.
  • Unity now replaces the Ubuntu Netbook Launcher as the netbook interface, it is designed from the ground up to provide a superior user experience for smaller displays.
  • Edubuntu Menu Editor has undergone bug fixing and now has documentation available.
  • Gnome Nanny provides teachers and parents with a method of controlling how kids use a computer. It also includes basic content filtering.
  • New wallpapers are included from various artwork communities.
  • Language support has been expanded, allowing you to use Edubuntu in more than 142 languages.

How to get it

You can install Edubuntu from flash disk or DVD installation media.

If you already have an Ubuntu or derivative system installed, you can simply install any additional Edubuntu packages that you would like to use.

Visit our Downloads page for more information. Installation instructions is available from the Documentation page.

Further Information

Please refer to the Ubuntu 10.10 Release Notes which contains more useful information that is published with the release, including upgrade instructions, known issues and workarounds if required.

If you have visited our website since the last release, you will notice that we're sporting a brand new website. We plan to expand it by including stories about people who use Ubuntu in schools. If you'd like to share your stories, photos or videos, please get in touch, we'd love to share it with the world.

Community support is available via IRC, Forums and Mailing lists. Please refer to for more information.


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