Other Educational Systems

We try to co-operate with other projects where possible. This page lists other educational GNU/Linux distributions that we know of.


Debian-edu screenshot

Debian-Edu (also known as Skolelinux) is a free and open source software project founded in Norway, now supporting all languages present in Debian. Its name is a direct translation of "school linux" from Norwegian, skole derived from the Latin word schola.

Fedora Education Spin

Fedora-Edu screenshot

A special selection of applications related to educational and scientific purposes based on the Fedora distribution.


Guadalinex-Edu screenshot

Guadalinex-Edu is a custom Ubuntu spin deployed in Spanish schools.


OpenSuse-Edu screenshot

The openSUSE Education project tries to support schools using openSUSE, create and describe additional software-packages for educational projects and create an live CD for the regular openSUSE distribution.

Qimo for Kids

Qim4kids screenshot

Qimo4kids is a kid-friendly desktop environment built entirely with free software. Qimo comes pre-installed with educational games for kids; TuxPaint, eToys, GCompris, Tuxmath, and Tuxtyping.


Uberstudent is another Ubuntu-based educational distribution which aims at secondary and higher education. There is also an edition that runs the lightweight LXDE desktop environment that is meant to fit on a single CD.