Edubuntu 11.04 beta 1 released !

The Edubuntu team is happy to announce that the Beta 1 of Edubuntu 11.04 is released !


The DVD ISO image is available for download from:

Release Notes

WebLive is now directly integrated in the Ubuntu Software Center
letting you test the most popular apps without installing them on your
machine. Just click the "Test drive" button.

Ubiquity now has an additional step allowing users to fine-tune which
applications should be installed on the final system.

Edubuntu now ships with Arkose, which provides application sandboxing
for downloaded apps.

New software packages in Edubuntu include Pencil, Geogebra, Calibre,
LibreCAD, Freemind and Stellarium.

Theming improvements include a new LDM theme when installing LTSP from
the Edubuntu installer. The text-mode boot mode now displays "Edubuntu"
instead of "Ubuntu". Our ongoing menu refinements include new icons
where they were missing, and more consistent case use in menu entries.

Edubuntu 11.04 ships with the classical Gnome desktop by default but
Unity is available as an option in the installer.

For more information on this Beta release, including non-Edubuntu specific bugs and features, please refer to the Natty Narwhal Technical Overview wiki page. We strongly recommend reading this, since there are may be bugs that may result in data loss under certain circumstances.

Edubuntu follows the Ubuntu release schedule, for more information on the roadmap to release, please refer to the Release Schedule.