About Edubuntu

What is Edubuntu?

The Edubuntu Project

Edubuntu is a grassroots movement, we aim to get Ubuntu into schools, homes and communities and make it easy for users to install and maintain their systems.

We are students, teachers, parents and hackers who believe that learning and knowledge should be available to everyone who wants to improve themselves and the world around them.

Our Goals

Our aim is to put together a system that contains all the best free software available in education and make it easy to install and maintain.

An Ubuntu Project

The majority of the technical work that the Edubuntu team performs occurs within the Ubuntu project. All the packages we work on are available in the Ubuntu software repositories and the Edubuntu DVD is built from the exact same repositories as the Ubuntu discs and other official derivatives.

More about Ubuntu

To learn more about Ubuntu, visit the Ubuntu website and read about it on Wikipedia.

Other Free Software in Education Systems

There are other educational systems besides Edubuntu. Some have different goals, we try to collaborate with other systems where possible. There is a list of other education systems on this page.


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