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The Edubuntu development team recommends the use of the Long Term Support releases for users who don't require the latest version of their software.
The latest Long Term Support release is Edubuntu 12.04.4 LTS and can be found here:

For those users who like to have the latest version of the software and don't mind being a bit on the bleeding edge, the latest Edubuntu 13.10 release can be found here:

Bittorrent downloads are preferred, .torrent files can be found at the URLs above.
If you have a local mirror, it would be great if you could download from there and if you run that mirror, let us know so we can list it.

Installation on an existing Ubuntu system

Edubuntu provides application bundles that group educational software by grade level. You can install from the Education category in the "Software Center" entry in the Applications menu or installing the following packages using your favorite package manager:

  • ubuntu-edu-preschool - Preschool (
  • ubuntu-edu-primary - Primary ( ages 6-12) educational application bundle
  • ubuntu-edu-secondary - Secondary ( ages 13-18) educational application bundle
  • ubuntu-edu-tertiary - Tertiary ( university level ) educational application bundle

You can also install all Edubuntu packages, including artwork by installing the edubuntu-desktop package.

More details on what's included in these bundles are available on the Ubuntu wiki.

Edubuntu packages for Kubuntu

Kubuntu users can also now get a full educational desktop by installing the edubuntu-desktop-kde package. This contains some non-KDE components (like Gcompris) so the Edubuntu team is seeking feedback on the application selection and suggestions for new KDE applications to include in the future.

Discs by Post

The Edubuntu project does not ship physical installation media, but there are companies that can ship a disc to you at a reasonable rate. Please refer to the Edubuntu Marketplace for further information>

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